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 Asbury Hills Camp and Retreat Center Christian Summer Camp

Creek hiking at Asbury Hills summer camp

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Christian Summer Camps

At Asbury Hills we are all about fun, friends, and faith.  Our campers form close bonds with their cabin mates and counselors, some that last a lifetime! And what better environment to nurture personal and spiritual growth than with activities like riding ziplines, hiking down a creek, shooting archery, or reaching new heights on our high ropes elements.  Campers at Asbury Hills also participate in age appropriate worship lead by our Camp Pastor and live band followed by small group breakout devotions.

Click on the age group of your camper on the right hand side of the screen to read descriptions of our different programs, the dates available, and our prices.  Ages are determined by the grade a camper will be entering for the Fall of 2015.

Camps on Waitlists:
*June 7-12 Junior High Core (girls)
*June 7-12 Senior High Core (boys)
*June 7-12 Junior High Adventure: Ultimate (girls)
*June 7-19 Junior High Expedition (girls)
*June 14-16 Elementary Express (girls)
*June 17-19 Elementary Express (girls)
*June 14-19 Elementary Core
*June 14-19 Junior High Core
*June 14-19 Senior High Core (girls)
*June 21-26 Elementary Altitude (girls)
*June 21-26 Junior High Adventure:Whitewater (girls)
*June 21-26 Senior High Adventure: Whitewater (girls)
*July 5-10 Junior High Core (girls)
*July 5-7 Elementary Express (girls)
*July 8-10 Elementary Express (girls)
*July 12-17 Elementary Core
*July 12-17 Junior High Core
*July 12-17 Junior High Drenched
*July 19-24 Junior High Core (girls)
*July 19-24 Elementary Drenched (boys)
*July 26-31 Elementary Core (girls)
*July 26-31 Junior High Drenched
*July 26-31 Senior High Drenched (boys)


Asbury Hills Camp and Retreat Center Christian Summer Camp Coed Greenville, SC


Our Summer Camp Goals
Asbury Hills Christian Summer Camp Greenville South Carolina1)      Be Safe!  Our future and everyone's happiness depend on consistent dedication to everyone's physical, emotional and spiritual safety. 
2)      Make new friendships and find acceptance.  Provide, for each camper, a positive growth experience that she or he will remember and to which that camper can choose to return.  We want campers to be accepted for the positive people they want to become, valued for their individual gifts, and loved because they are children of God.  
3)      Develop skills and celebrate God's creation.  Provide inclusive, age appropriate, engaging activities that are unique to camp.   We will also use Asbury Hills' amazing mountainous setting and natural beauty to create a love for the wilderness.  
4)      Grow in your relationship with God .   Our overarching goal is to provide and foster a loving spiritual community that will either introduce your campers to Jesus Christ or help them to grow or renew their personal faith journey. We want campers to celebrate in Christian fellowship with one another.


 The General Idea:  A Day in the Life of an Asbury Hills Camper
8:00am            Breakfast
9:00am            Morning Worship, Small Group Discussions, and Activities
12:00pm          Lunch
1:00pm            Activity Time
5:45pm            Dinner
6:30pm            Activities and Games with the Entire Camp
8:00pm            Evening Worship
9:00pm            Cabin Devotions

  Core camp worship at Asbury Hills summer camp

With different types of camps like Core, Fusion, Drenched, Eclipse, Express, Altitude, and Adventure there is something for everyone!